Reference Books and other material

1. Book (The primary written reference of the course)
- Third Edition or Second Edition of the textbook "Introduction to Algorithms" by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein (CLRS for short).
- Very important
- This textbook is widely used in most Algorithm courses all over the world.

2. Recommended reading
- Problem Solving With Algorithms And Data Structures Using Python by Miller, and Ranum.

3. Reference materials from MIT
- We decided to base the course material this year on the material developed at MIT for the similar course 6.006 Introduction to Algorithms. The material of the course has been continuously improved since 2007 (it is taught twice per year) and contains slides for the lectures and recitation material to support students in their reading and understanding of the various important concepts, see MIT site. This year we based our course mostly on the material in Fall 2013 MIT course, and on the original material provided under license from MIT under the terms of the MIT-SUTD Collaboration (Daskalakis, Konstantinos and Patrick Jaillet Course materials for ISTD 202, Introduction to Algorithms. MIT-SUTD Collaboration, 2012).
- These complement but do not substitute the material of the CLRS book. We do not require our students to go to the MIT site, since our course site is self contained and includes all the material (whole or parts of lectures, recitation material and notes, exercises) from the MIT site we selected to be relevant, including our own notes and additions to the MIT material.
- We want to thank our MIT colleagues for their contribution and support!